Mary O. Borges is a woman who loves entertainment. She grew up watching classic movies and television shows and always dreamed of working in the industry.
After graduating high school, Mary attended the University of Southern California ( in 2009. She studied film and television production and graduated with honors. After graduation, she worked as a production assistant on a few small independent films. She soon realized she loved the behind-the-scenes work of making movies and television shows. She believes stories representing all people should be told and strives to create opportunities for underrepresented voices. She is passionate about her work and continually seeks new ways to entertain and engage audiences.
She discovered manga and anime in college and has been a fan ever since. She’s particularly interested in how these genres reflect and comment on Japanese society and culture. She has worked as a commentator for three years in Japan. There she tries to provide insightful and thought-provoking analysis of the latest developments in the world of Japanese pop culture.
Sally enjoys writing blog reviews on entertainment in her free time. She also loves traveling around Japan and exploring new places.
Sandra has been writing for ThisIsGuernsey since April 2018.
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